Rescue & Shelter

Ready to add a new fur baby in your home? We work with local shelters in our community to find furever home. Stop in today to see what pets are currently ready to join your family.


Natural Pet Food

We give them the best quality pet food available.
Nutrition is essential for the care and growth of our pets.


Grooming & Hygiene

We wash our pets regularly so that they are not stinky.
We want them to look great. We want them to shine!


Local Shelters

We are proud to partner with local shelters to help abandoned animals find their furr-ever homes!

We are proud to partner with the Animal Luvrs Dream Rescue.

Their mission is to rescue and care for dogs and cats that are critically ill and/or injured. Many of these animals are strays, abandoned, abused, or neglected. These animals would otherwise be euthanized due to lack of owners, funding or space.

They provide medical care, basic needs, socialization and training needed to place them into responsible and caring permanent homes. They educate the public about the pet overpopulation crisis, the importance of spaying/neutering and responsible pet ownership.

We encourage you to think about adoption!

If you are a rescue please call or e-mail us your info and we would be happy to post your organization on our website!

We also carry other non-shelter animals for adoption as well!
Hamsters, bunnies and more!

Meet New Friends At PET DEPOT!